Monday, February 16, 2009

For Today... February 16, 2009

Outside my window: The skies are a light grey. We have had about ½ inch of snow overnight. The trees have that snow sitting on top of their branches making everything look sugar coated

I am thinking..How nice it is to be sitting quietly for a few minutes before another busy day must begin. My mind is whirling whirling with what is to fill my day.

From the learning rooms.. Yesterday I learned a “new to me” stitch for my paper embroidery.

I am thankful for. A brief respite from being a care giver to my husband. It is hard to find a way to get the solitude I need in order to be my best for him.

From the kitchen: I doubt there will be much going on in my kitchen today.

I am wearing: warm socks, slacks and turtle neck top.

I am reading: just my Bible at this point as I have no time or concentration for anything else.

I am hoping.. my husband will be released from the hospital today.

I am creating some paper embroidery pieces to make into greeting cards. I am thankful this work is so portable so that I have been able to take it to the hospital with me to work on while I sit alone waiting for my husband to be brought back to his room.

I am hearing soft classical music coming from the radio. It has such a soothing effect on me.

Around the house everything looks pretty good. I am so thankful for my friend, Jan, who helps me clean. With having been gone to the hospital so much this week I have had little time to tend to the house.
But it looks neat and clean and I am happy I can bring my husband home to that instead of clutter and dust.

One of my favorite things: My recliner chair. It has become such a comfort for me.

A few plans for the rest of the week: lots of errands like paying bills, picking up more bird seed, picking up a new ink cartridge for the printer, making some chicken soup for my husband when he returns home and writing a letter to my mother in the nursing home.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you: With the cold and snow outside it is a good time to recall summer flowers and butterflies. They remind me that our world is constantly changing and winter will fly away in the spring bringing new joys.

Monday, February 9, 2009

For Today... Monday, February 9th

Outside my window..It is grey and overcast and feels cold even though they say it is 46 degrees

I am thinking… I am feeling a bit down today and have no real reason for that. Some days are just that way.

From the learning rooms… that the “downs” in life are opportunities for learning and growing. Sometimes I feel really sad about some circumstances because I feel like I have failed. But I am learning it is only failure if I do not learn something from the circustances.

I am thankful home, my parents who are still living, for my children and grandchildren.
I am thankful for my friend Jan who is always willing to help me with things I can not do for myself.

From the kitchen: We are still feeling finicky about food so we are eating fresh fruit and vegetables, cottage cheese and other healthy things but not what I would call a sit down meal. It would seem as we get older our eating habits are changing.

I am wearing…. Cord slacks, turtleneck top, wool socks

I am reading.. My Bible. I am feeling a bit disconnected and know that it will bring me “together” again.

I am hoping… the problems with my new insurance will be worked out soon. Retirement and all the changes that come with it are big adjustments. I find I am not as flexible as I need to be.

I am creating.. Still working on the paper embroidery pieces to make into cards. I am pleased with how lovely they look and looking forward to sending them out.

I am hearing.. The weather channel is on TV. When they are not talking, it plays nice music.

Around the house… Not much happening. My husband is resting, the kitties are quiet too.

One of my favorite things…continues to be my kitty Myne. She is so affectionate. No matter what else happens during my day she makes me smile and laugh and feel so loved.

A few plans for the rest of the week.. art class tomorrow. I am not sure what the rest of the week holds.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you

This is my little cat, Myne. Her favorite toys are simple pleasures like paper bags, tin foil balls, and homemade catnip bags.

Monday, February 2, 2009

A new winter month

For Today... February 2, 2009

Outside my window… The sun is rising and the skies are clear after days of grey and dismal. It makes my heart sing. I can live with the cold but I miss the sunshine so much when it hides from me.

I am thinking….It is a new day and a new week. This week I want to make more opportunities for solitude. I found last week that I truly suffered for lack of solitude. I know it is mine if I make a conscious effort for it.

From the learning rooms....I am learning that mothering does not stop when our children are grown. I am learning that mothering becomes even more difficult because grown children cannot be sent to their rooms for a time out or grounded because of misbehaver. I am learning that it is my responsibility to pray for them and allow them to make their own mistakes and learn from them. This is a very hard lesson for me.

I am thankful for …. My retirement which gives me 24 hours a day to choose what I will fill my days with. I am thankful for all the modern conveniences that I so often take for granted, like the furnace that keeps the house warm, the hot water that comes from the faucet on demand and most of all for indoor plumbing. On these cold days I can’t imagine having to use outdoor plumbing.

From the kitchen….. All is quiet for now. Morning is not a time when I can wrap my mind around food. I have some cube steaks.(tenderized round steak, I believe) in the frig which will probably be our dinner. Also there is a beautiful head of Cauliflower and fresh carrots that will most likely accompany the meat. But then my mind must decide on pasta, potato, or rice. Later…….. I will put it all together in my mind before deciding.
I saw a recipe for wonderful French onion soup on TV over the weekend that I would love to make but it takes over 4 hours total to make it and I do not have time to devote to it today.

I am wearing…. Black dress slacks, a short sleeved mock turtle neck top and a brocade blazer because I am soon to go out. I have on warm socks and comfortable shoes as I will most likely be doing a fair share of walking today.

I am reading…. I am still reading Knit Two by Kate Jacobs. I am over half way through. I need to finish it this week because it is due at the library by week’s end. It is a nice book but my mind is so full of other things so that it is not holding my attention well

I am hoping..that I can put all my trust in the Lord, knowing he will meet my every need. That I will quickly lay aside worry and dwelling on the unsure things that come into my days.

I am creating…. Fronts for greeting cards. These are done by doing paper embroidery patterns. The current ones are done on navy blue cardstock and the colors of the threads “pop” with the dark cardstock.
I have perhaps 2 dozen different patterns pricked and ready for embroidery. It is slow work but I find it almost meditative. It is rewarding knowing that in the end, they will become cards to be sent out and hopefully bless others as well.

I am hearing… classical music from the radio. I am thankful that we have such a good public radio station giving me a wonderful range of music for just the flip of the switch. I have come to so appreciate classical music.

Around the house… nothing much is happening yet. The kitties and dog have been fed, and now are watching birds from the windows or settling in for a morning nap.

One of my favorite things…the smell of clean sheets. Today I stripped the beds and put the clean sheets on the bed. What a wonderful fragrance they are. I was tempted to crawl back in bed.

A few plans for the rest of the week….will include art class at the senior center and hopefully if the weather and roads permit a trip to our favorite supplier of popcorn. It is a trip of almost 80 miles one way and could be enjoyable. If I go I will stop along the way at a nice sewing center and pick up some additional colors of machine embroidery floss to use on the paper embroidery I am currently working on. They are made for machine embroidery but work well with fine beading needles and make things so lovely.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you Sunrises and sunsets were meant to bring us back to our center and remind us that things in our lives should be more simple.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

new week

For Today... Monday January 26th

Outside my window : It is dark because it has been a very busy day for me. But I slipped on my coat and stepped outside for a few minutes. The neighborhood is quiet. The skies are clear and the stars are bright. It is a special time when the neighborhood is all mine. If it weren't so cold I would go back inside and get my dog Sebrina and take her for a walk.

I am thinking : I am thinking how many times I have missed the stars or missed a sunset because I was so involved with unimportant things.

From the learning rooms: I am learning to slow down and be aware of my surroundings . I am choosing a new life style because I want to live in the moment.

I am thankful for : I am so thankful for my eldest son Mark. He was so distant from his family for so many years. But now he is back. Well not living here but back in communication, back sharing his life with me. It proves to me that there is always hope even when we don't think there is.

From the kitchen: We seem to have craving for mashed potatoes lately. No matter what I fix seems to go good as long as it has mashed potatoes on the plate beside it.

I am wearing: It is still so cold here and I find my hand knit socks not only keep my feet warm but they are such like a comfort to my soul. I am wearing cord slacks and a long sleeved cotton blouse.

I am reading : I stopped by the library this week. It so hard for me to leave there with just one book. But the book I chose, " Knit Two" by Kate Jacobs. It is a 7 Day book so there was no sense even thinking of bring home more than one book This book is the sequel to " The Friday Night Knitting Club.

I am hoping: I am hoping that that the arthritis I suffer with will be kinder to me this week. It has been making it very hard for me

I am creating: A new lifestyle for myself that includes more quiet times and more time for writing and creating.

I am hearing : The house is so quiet except for the chiming of the mantle clock that sounds on the hour and quarter hour.

Around the house : Outside all around the house is heaps and heaps of snow that has begun to collect the dust in the air and has lost its pristine beauty.

One of my favorite things: One of my favorite things is my recliner. It is the one place I can come to and find some relief from the arthritis.

A few plans for the rest of the week: I have a "play date" later this week with my friend to share patterns and have a time of working up some paper embroidery pieces to make into greeting cards. I am so looking forward to the "girl time.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you :
This is my best friend: Myne. The bathroom sink is one of her favorite places and she loves to watch me fix my hair in the morning. But often she stays to fall asleep there.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Beginning a Daybook

Daybook for Monday January 19th.

Peggy over at Simple Woman Daybook hosts these day books. Please check it out at:

For Today

Outside My Window: We are actually getting some sunshine this winter day but that does not keep the snow from falling. It is truly a winter wonderland.

I Am Thinking: I am how much I love having four definite seasons. Each one holds special things that I would miss terribly if I did not experience them.

I Am Thankful For: my quiet neighborhood. For so many years we lived in houses on busy roads. I am living in the city but somehow secluded from the busyness of it.

From the Learning Rooms: learning to set boundaries is opening ways for making it possible not only for others to respect me, but is also helping me to learn how to respect myself. I think I am making progress in this area of my life.

From the Kitchen: We have had an array of wonderful leftovers today. Somehow they are often better than the original meal. Perhaps because the flavors have had an opportunity to meld actually making them better. I know that is true of spaghetti.

I Am Wearing: a turtleneck top which keeps the chill off. Also have on slacks and a pair of my hand knit socks. All this keeps me warm as the cold drafts come through the door as I let the dog in and out throughout the day.

I Am Creating: hand made birthday cards using a wonderful oriental looking cat stamp. I have the fronts of the cards done and only need to put the greetings on the inside. I am thinking I want to decorate the envelopes too. These cards use the same stamp as the calendars that I just finished and have ready to go out in tomorrow's mail.

I Am Going: to stay home today. I love these kinds of days. I love my home.

I Am Reading: my Bible more. I don't seem to be able to read regular books when I am involved in a major creative project like the cards I am doing now. I think that is because I love to read so much that once I start a book I don't want to cook, clean or do art.

I Am Hoping: that I can do all the planned activities tomorrow without getting over tired so that when Wednesday comes I will be able to do things around home.

I Am Hearing: the furnace click on to keep the house warm and hear Myne, kitty, "talking" to one of the other kitties. She is such a happy little girl and I am so thankful for her.

Around the House: things are more cluttered than I would like. I will make it a priority to spend putting things in their proper place this week so I can enjoy my home.

One of My Favorite Things: is this stage of my life. The children are grown, I am retired and I can more or less fill my days as I please. That is such a gift.

A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week: my main plan for the rest of the week is clearing the clutter in the house that has accumulated since I began the calendar and greeting card project. I want to feel comfortable in my own home. I don't as it is now

A winter's day in Michigan