Monday, February 9, 2009

For Today... Monday, February 9th

Outside my window..It is grey and overcast and feels cold even though they say it is 46 degrees

I am thinking… I am feeling a bit down today and have no real reason for that. Some days are just that way.

From the learning rooms… that the “downs” in life are opportunities for learning and growing. Sometimes I feel really sad about some circumstances because I feel like I have failed. But I am learning it is only failure if I do not learn something from the circustances.

I am thankful home, my parents who are still living, for my children and grandchildren.
I am thankful for my friend Jan who is always willing to help me with things I can not do for myself.

From the kitchen: We are still feeling finicky about food so we are eating fresh fruit and vegetables, cottage cheese and other healthy things but not what I would call a sit down meal. It would seem as we get older our eating habits are changing.

I am wearing…. Cord slacks, turtleneck top, wool socks

I am reading.. My Bible. I am feeling a bit disconnected and know that it will bring me “together” again.

I am hoping… the problems with my new insurance will be worked out soon. Retirement and all the changes that come with it are big adjustments. I find I am not as flexible as I need to be.

I am creating.. Still working on the paper embroidery pieces to make into cards. I am pleased with how lovely they look and looking forward to sending them out.

I am hearing.. The weather channel is on TV. When they are not talking, it plays nice music.

Around the house… Not much happening. My husband is resting, the kitties are quiet too.

One of my favorite things…continues to be my kitty Myne. She is so affectionate. No matter what else happens during my day she makes me smile and laugh and feel so loved.

A few plans for the rest of the week.. art class tomorrow. I am not sure what the rest of the week holds.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you

This is my little cat, Myne. Her favorite toys are simple pleasures like paper bags, tin foil balls, and homemade catnip bags.

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