Monday, January 19, 2009

Beginning a Daybook

Daybook for Monday January 19th.

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For Today

Outside My Window: We are actually getting some sunshine this winter day but that does not keep the snow from falling. It is truly a winter wonderland.

I Am Thinking: I am how much I love having four definite seasons. Each one holds special things that I would miss terribly if I did not experience them.

I Am Thankful For: my quiet neighborhood. For so many years we lived in houses on busy roads. I am living in the city but somehow secluded from the busyness of it.

From the Learning Rooms: learning to set boundaries is opening ways for making it possible not only for others to respect me, but is also helping me to learn how to respect myself. I think I am making progress in this area of my life.

From the Kitchen: We have had an array of wonderful leftovers today. Somehow they are often better than the original meal. Perhaps because the flavors have had an opportunity to meld actually making them better. I know that is true of spaghetti.

I Am Wearing: a turtleneck top which keeps the chill off. Also have on slacks and a pair of my hand knit socks. All this keeps me warm as the cold drafts come through the door as I let the dog in and out throughout the day.

I Am Creating: hand made birthday cards using a wonderful oriental looking cat stamp. I have the fronts of the cards done and only need to put the greetings on the inside. I am thinking I want to decorate the envelopes too. These cards use the same stamp as the calendars that I just finished and have ready to go out in tomorrow's mail.

I Am Going: to stay home today. I love these kinds of days. I love my home.

I Am Reading: my Bible more. I don't seem to be able to read regular books when I am involved in a major creative project like the cards I am doing now. I think that is because I love to read so much that once I start a book I don't want to cook, clean or do art.

I Am Hoping: that I can do all the planned activities tomorrow without getting over tired so that when Wednesday comes I will be able to do things around home.

I Am Hearing: the furnace click on to keep the house warm and hear Myne, kitty, "talking" to one of the other kitties. She is such a happy little girl and I am so thankful for her.

Around the House: things are more cluttered than I would like. I will make it a priority to spend putting things in their proper place this week so I can enjoy my home.

One of My Favorite Things: is this stage of my life. The children are grown, I am retired and I can more or less fill my days as I please. That is such a gift.

A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week: my main plan for the rest of the week is clearing the clutter in the house that has accumulated since I began the calendar and greeting card project. I want to feel comfortable in my own home. I don't as it is now

A winter's day in Michigan

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